The Author (Episode 30)

Lilian was elated with her findings. She had run the car’s license plate number through her sources and she found out that the Camry was owned by the car rental service of the Oceanview hotel. She then decided to go to the hotel to find the person following the Author. ‘I won’t be surprised if I even see the Author there’, she thought. Not knowing what to expect, she had carried along her Maxim 9 and .44 Magnum guns. She was wearing a large black coat over her white t-shirt and black jeans. The large coat helped her to conceal her weapons.
When she arrived at the hotel, she took a look around and found nothing suspicious. She however found the black Camry parked in the car park. She had decided against entering the hotel because of the metal detectors at the main entrance which would reveal her weapons. She didn’t want to ditch her weapons without knowing what she was up against. Lilian decided to wait in her car and watch out for any suspicious movements.
As she was walking back to her car, she saw some men wearing Enyimba FC jerseys and carrying black bags, alight from the black van, parked across the road. They crossed the road and moved towards the hotel’s entrance.
‘Something doesn’t feel right about these people. They look so calm and organized. Enyimba FC has the loudest fans in the Nigerian Premier league. Besides, the Cathedral Stadium is far from here. If they really came to watch Enugu Rangers vs Enyimba FC, they wouldn’t come this far to lodge. What are in those bags anyway, could it be weapons?’ Lilian thought. She knew that she was probably being paranoid but she decided to make sure that they were clean. She walked to their van and opened it using one of her master keys. She was shocked to see four automatic rifles in the van.
‘These men are anything but football fans’, Lilian thought. She had the gut feeling that they were there for the Author. ‘These men came very prepared. I’m going to surprise them though’, she said to herself.

‘Wait here. Let me handle this’, Seyi said to his men when they got to the door. He entered the hotel and approached the doorman. They spoke in low tones for a while before the doorman nodded and Seyi gave him a large wad of dollars. The doorman spoke into his radio and the metal detectors were disabled. Seyi and his men entered the hotel and moved to the bar.

Lilian saw the men entering the hotel and immediately dashed to the entrance. She half-expected the metal detectors’ alarm to go off but it didn’t. ‘They must have had them disabled’, Lilian thought. She followed them to the bar. Only two of the men remained outside the bar. The rest had entered the bar and taken different tables at different corners of the bar.
It was midday and the bar was half-filled with people on a lunch break from work, who were looking to quench their thirst and diehard alcoholics who were on the bottle twenty-four/seven. Lilian walked straight to the counter and ordered a bottle of beer. As she walked back to her table, her eyes scanned the bar and she did a double take when she saw the Author discussing with another man at the left corner of the bar. She also observed that the men in Enyimba FC jerseys were all looking towards that direction. ‘They have him cornered and he doesn’t know it. These people have enough fire power to kill us all. I need to warn him’, she thought. She dialed the Author’s number again but she watched as he ignored the call when he saw the caller ID. Lilian swore under her breath. ‘Your pig-headedness is going to get you killed’, she thought.

‘Chima and Adamu, close in on them and take them out. Keep your weapons concealed until the last minute. They’re probably unarmed but be smart about it’, Seyi spoke into his radio.

Lilian watched as two of the men started walking towards the Author’s table from opposite directions. She didn’t see their weapons but she knew that the men were probably concealing it so as to catch their victims off guard. ‘These people have left me with no choice’, Lilian thought. She stood up and moved rapidly to the Author’s table. She started to rant before she approached him. ‘You this useless man. You think that you can abandon me just like that; after all the years I stuck with you. You’ve become so shameless that you’re now into men. Shame on you!!’ Lilian shouted.
The Author was shocked. Everyone in the bar was now staring at them. ‘What has gotten into her? Is she just acting or has she run mad?’ he thought.
Chisom was also shocked. ‘The Author really needs to change his type of women’, he thought.
‘Woman, you really need to calm down’, the Author said to her. ‘I’ll calm down when you’re dead’, she said. She pulled out her .44 Magnum and shot Chisom. Before the Author could react, she shot him twice. Both men fell to the floor and the bar was thrown into a state of pandemonium.


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