The Author (Episode 31)

Seyi did a quick assessment of the whole situation. He had recorded a lot of successes because of his ability to think on his feet.
People were screaming and running in different directions. Only a few alcoholics remained seated because they were too drunk to realize the severity of the situation.
Ironically, sitting was the best course of action for them because, if they tried to run in their current state, they would likely fall down and be trampled upon by the mob.
Seyi knew that they had to leave before the police arrived. He immediately barked orders to his men. ‘Everyone move out now. Move to the van’, he spoke into the radio.
‘Sir, I’ve not been able to get close enough to the Author to confirm that he’s dead. There are many people between us and they’re all running helter-skelter’, Adamu said. ‘Forget about the Author for now. I don’t want the Enugu State Police to meet us in here. Remember, we are armed. I don’t want us to have a reason to kill the policemen’, Seyi said. ‘Alright boss, I’m moving out’, Adamu replied.
The men pushed their way through the crowd as they were instructed and headed back to the van.

Chisom came to and saw Lilian standing over him with her gun. He immediately tried to move away from her.
‘Don’t be scared. If I wanted you dead, I would have aimed at your head the first time. I took the gamble that you two were wearing bulletproof vests. Apparently, my man here was not so smart. Thankfully, I didn’t damage any vital organ. He needs medical attention though. Help me get him up. We’ll leave as soon as the police gets here. That way, our assailants would have their attention divided between us and the police’, Lilian said. They both dragged the Author to a standing position.
The Author was barely conscious. He had lost a lot of blood and he was in great pain. ‘Lilian, you shot me. I’ll kill you for this’, he muttered. ‘Save your threats, love. Use that energy to stay conscious. We may need to make a run for it. Your friends are still waiting for us outside’, Lilian said.

Detectives Tom and Jerry were on their way to get lunch when they heard about the incident over the police scanner in their car. ‘There’s been a 10-32 at the Oceanview hotel. Two civilians are down. Requesting a 10-70’, the voice said.
‘A lot of people are going crazy nowadays. Why on earth would someone enter a place and start shooting at people unnecessarily?’ Tom asked out loud. ‘That’s a Jamb question. I have no answer to that. You know, we’re not far from the hotel. If you’re not too hungry, we could actually check it out’, Jerry replied. ‘I’m not that hungry. Let’s check it out. The Rapid Response unit probably have the situation under control but there’s a chance that we’ll find something interesting to look into’, Tom said.
‘Emergency Response, what’s your ETA,’ Jerry spoke into the radio. ‘Our ETA is in five minutes’, a voice replied. ‘Alright, we’re close behind you. Our ETA is in ten minutes’, Jerry said.
They changed course and started moving towards the hotel.

‘Why must women always ruin things for me? Women are scum, starting from my mom who dumped me at an orphanage when I was a baby; down to my ex-wife who divorced me and ran off with my money and my neighbor; to the woman that approved my dismissal from the Special Forces and even to this mad woman that has just succeeded in ruining this operation. This was our best shot at eliminating the Author. Women are truly scum’, Seyi cursed out loud when they had entered the van. ‘Calm down boss. This woman may have done the job for us. For all we know, the Author may be dead. Let’s just wait and confirm. Besides, you always complain that women are scum but you get laid more than the rest of us’, one of his men pointed out.
‘Well, women are scum. I just happen to love scum. You’re right though. This woman may have caused a racket but she has left the Author seriously injured at best. If the Author is not dead, he wouldn’t be difficult to kill from here on. We just have to be patient’, Seyi said.

The sound of police sirens was a welcome development for Lilian. ‘I never thought that there’ll come a day when I’ll be glad to see the police’, she thought. ‘Here’s our window for escape. Let’s move out’, she said to Chisom. They were supporting the Author on both sides as they moved out of the bar and moved towards Lilian’s car. Lilian’s IVM Jeep was parked in front of the hotel but Seyi and his men had not given it a second glance because they were busy watching the police and paramedics.

‘The paramedics should have brought them out by now. Why are they taking so much time?’ one of the men asked. Seyi was about to answer when his eyes suddenly fell on Lilian and the two men. ‘It’s because they’re no longer inside. There they are’, Seyi said and pointed at Lilian’s Jeep. ‘Let’s open fire on them’, one of the men said. ‘Not yet. If we shoot, the police will interfere. Let’s follow her. We’ll kill them on the way. They can’t outrun us’, Seyi said.

Lilian blew a kiss to the men in the van before she entered her Jeep and drove off.
‘I don’t know what you’re thinking but I don’t think that we’ll be able to outrun them’, Chisom said. ‘I don’t plan to outrun them’, Lilian said. ‘We should have walked to their van and surrendered then’, Chisom said. ‘Keep quiet and enjoy the fireworks’, Lilian said.
Chisom was still trying to understand what Lilian meant by fireworks when he heard a loud explosion. He looked back to see that the van had been blown to bits.


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