The Author (Episode 32)

Detectives Tom and Jerry had watched the van explode. Their vehicle was three blocks away from the hotel when the explosion occurred. They had rushed to the scene to get a better view of what was left of the van and it’s occupants. The paramedics and the police also rushed to the scene to check for any survivors.
‘This is probably a waste of time. No one survives this kind of blast’, Tom said as they moved round the wreckage, looking for clues. ‘That’s true, but miracles do happen. If a survivor is found, he may be able to tell us who did this’, Jerry said.
‘Hey! I see a survivor. I need a hand over here; one of the paramedics said. Everyone moved to the position of the lone survivor.
‘He’s barely conscious. He must have been close to the door. He probably flew off with the door. We’ll have to check him for internal injuries. He’s also sustained second degree burns’, the paramedic examining him said to the others.
Tom and Jerry walked up to him and introduced themselves. ‘Is he going to make it?’ Jerry asked. ‘He should, but it’s going to take prolonged medical care’, the paramedic said. ‘Can we talk to him now?’ Tom asked. He knew that the earlier they got actionable Intel from the survivor, the higher their chances of apprehending the person behind the bombing. ‘The paramedic looked at Tom as if he had lost his mind. ‘Sir, he’s barely conscious. He’s not exactly capable of having a conversation right now’, he said. ‘Just let me try. We need this information as soon as possible’, Tom said.
The paramedic shrugged. ‘He’s all yours for the next five minutes’, he said and walked away from the survivor.
‘Hey, I know that you’re in pain but we need to know who did this, so they don’t get away with it’, Jerry said.
Seyi was struggling to remain conscious. The pain was a lot to bear. ‘She did it. She outsmarted us’, he said through gritted teeth. ‘Do you know who she is?’ Tom said. ‘No. I think she came to rescue him’, Seyi said. ‘Who did she come to rescue?’ Jerry asked. ‘The Author’, Seyi said and slipped into unconsciousness.
At this point, the paramedic returned. ‘Detective, did you get what you were looking for?’ he asked Tom. ‘I think so’, Tom answered. The two detectives then left the wreckage and went into the bar to search for more clues. ‘The situation wasn’t just a 10-32; it was a 10-31 and 10-35 also. The Author is even in play. Things have become interesting’, Jerry said. ‘You’re right. Hopefully, we’ll get the Author, this time’, Tom said.

The Author woke up with a start. He was lying on a large bed in the visitor’s room of Lilian’s apartment. At first, he was momentarily confused because he didn’t know how he got there but it all came back to him after a while. He had to squint because the lights in the room seemed too bright. He sat up on the bed and looked around. As he was about to stand up, the door opened and Lilian walked in.
‘Finally, you’re awake. I was beginning to panic’, Lilian said. ‘Why would you be panicking? Weren’t you the one that shot me?’ the Author asked. ‘I shot you because I wanted to save your life’, Lilian said. ‘Are you listening to yourself right now? So, you shoot people that you want to save. Is it the new style?’ The Author mocked. ‘I did what I thought was best at the time. If you were wearing a vest, it would have been perfect. You should  be thanking me for saving you from those men’, Lilian said. ‘Thank you very much for first breaking my heart and then shooting me later’, the Author said. ‘Stop being grumpy. Besides, you need not worry about the men that came to kill you. I’ve taken care of them’, Lilian said. ‘How did you manage to kill them all by yourself?’ the Author asked. ‘I didn’t need to fight them. I used a bomb’, Lilian said. ‘That’s smart. How did you know how to find me anyway?’ the Author asked. ‘When you left my house that morning, I noticed a  Camry following you. I copied it’s license plate number and traced it to the Oceanview hotel. I didn’t want you to be caught unawares and you weren’t answering my calls so I decided to at least find the person following you and take him or her out. I got to the hotel and saw those men preparing to ambush you. They were heavily armed and they looked like special forces. I was desperate, I didn’t want to lose you’, Lilian said. ‘You don’t want to lose me. You should have thought of that before you started seeing another man’, the Author said. ‘I’m sorry. I was lonely at the time because you were far away. The truth is, I don’t want you out of my life, ever. I love you and I’ll always do. I know that the people after you are very powerful. I don’t care though. I want to be with you. We’ll fight them together’, Lilian said.
The Author was silent for a while. He just stared at her. He wanted her in his life also. He had been miserable without her and yes, he loved her. He was about to answer when the door opened and Chisom walked in. ‘If he doesn’t accept you, just know that I’ll gladly take you. I’ve never had a beautiful woman love me this much’, Chisom said.
‘It’s a good thing that you’re here, Chisom. I want you to tell Lilian and I why you betrayed me. Think deeply before you answer. Your life depends on it’, the Author said.


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