The Author (Episode 33)

Chisom let out a nervous chuckle. ‘You’re joking right? You must be feeling a lot better, if you’re making jokes’, he said. ‘You think I’m joking. Do I look like Ali Baba? You better start talking, if you want to live’, the Author said.
Chisom was caught off guard by the sudden turn of events. He didn’t understand why he was being falsely accused by the Author. He tried to reach for his gun but Lilian was way ahead of him. She already had her Maxim 9 pointed at him. ‘Don’t even think about it. I would hate to stain the floor with your brains. Just go ahead and answer the question’, Lilian said.
Seeing no way out, Chisom decided to explain himself as much as he could. ‘I frankly don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t betray you’, he said. ‘Why then have you been tailing me. Lilian tells me that she saw a black Camry following my car when I visited her. Who are you reporting my movements to?’ the Author asked. ‘Don’t even try to deny it. You followed him to this house that morning. Tell us who you’re working for and we’ll spare your life’, Lilian added. ‘I wasn’t working for anyone. I was just curious. I knew nothing about you. I tried to search for your details in the Police records but it’s like you don’t exist. I was trying to find out more about the person I was working with’, Chisom replied.
The Author was still not convinced by Chisom’s explanation. ‘How then was our location compromised? Even Lilian did not know where I was. You’re the only one who could have given out such information’, he said. I swear, I didn’t betray you. Michael even called me and tried to convince me to do so, but I refused’, Chisom said. ‘Michael has contacted you already. That’s good news. I want you to call him and fix a meeting with him. Do well to convince him to meet you face to face. We’ll take him by surprise when he comes for the meeting’, the Author said.
‘Does this mean that you believe me?’ Chisom asked. ‘No. I’ll start trusting you, if you can pull off this operation. Call Michael now and put the phone on loud speaker. I want to hear the whole conversation’, the Author replied.
Chisom dialed Michael’s private number and he answered after the third ring. ‘Hello Chisom. It’s nice to hear from you again’, Michael said. ‘You bastard. You sent your men to kill me!’ Chisom ranted. ‘That’s not exactly true. I sent my men to kill the Author. I specifically asked them to spare your life’, Michael said. ‘Well, your men failed. The Author is still alive. How did you find us anyway?’ Chisom asked. ‘It’s a long story’, Michael replied.
‘Don’t worry, I want us to discuss face to face. You’ll tell me how you did it when we see’, Chisom said. ‘That’s a good idea. The problem is that my schedule is fully booked. It may be difficult for me to make out time to see you soon’, Michael said.
Chisom did not know what to answer. He looked at the Author for help and saw that he was shaking his head in disapproval.
‘You have to make out time to see me or else, I won’t help you to eliminate the Author’, Chisom said. Michael was silent for a while. He seemed to be considering what Chisom said. ‘Alright, let’s meet next tomorrow by five pm. Are you sure that you’ll be able to get away from the Author?’ he asked. ‘We are not joined at the hip. Just send me the address. I’ll find my way there’, Chisom said. ‘That’s good. I’ll text you the address before then. See you soon’, Michael said and ended the call.
‘Well done. You can go. Forward the address to me when he sends it, so Lilian and I can plan the best way to attack the place’, the Author said and Chisom left the room.
‘I don’t think that we have enough manpower to storm anywhere. Michael will probably have more men there and his men seem highly trained’, Lilian said. ‘Don’t worry. If all goes according to plan, we won’t have to face them. I think we just need to outsmart them. Anyway, I want to know all there is to know about Michael. I want to send him a message’, the Author said.

‘Chisom has to be the most foolish police officer in Nigeria’, Michael thought. He had ensured that the call lasted long enough for his men to trace the call. ‘I’ll send Abdul and his men to their location. Even if they don’t find them there, I’ll wait till next tomorrow. When Chisom shows up, I’d have him tortured until he gives up the Author’s location. If the Author follows him here, my men will kill him. It’s a win-win situation for me’, he thought with a smile.


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