The Author (Episode 34)

Michael knew exactly who to send, for this particular mission. Abdul had not disappointed him before. He had been one of the best sharpshooters when he was in the Special Forces. Abdul had helped Michael to eliminate some persons that seemed elusive to others. Abdul was more expensive but he always got the job done. With Seyi gone, he needed someone like Abdul to lead the mission.

Abdul was dozing lightly on his couch when his phone rang. He had dozed off while watching the twelve o’clock news. He was excited to see the caller ID. Michael’s call usually meant an operation which in turn meant more cash. He really didn’t need the money but he was bored of his normal domestic life and could use some action. As much as he enjoyed spending time with Amy, he missed going on missions and handling guns. Besides, he didn’t actually have a choice. Refusing Michael’s offers had grave consequences.
‘Hello boss. Longest time’, Abdul said. ‘I want you on the next flight to Enugu. Your flight has been booked already and your itinerary has been sent to you. I’ll brief you when you get here’, Michael said and ended the call.
Abdul was a bit taken aback by Michael’s abruptness. ‘I wonder what’s so urgent. It doesn’t matter to me though. As long as I get to shoot guns, I’m happy’, he thought as he began to pack. He made a mental note to call Amy before he left.

‘We need to leave this house as soon as possible. Gather a few things. We’ll crash at a hotel’, the Author said. ‘I don’t understand. No one followed me here. I made sure that I was not followed’, Lilian said.
‘I think I’ve figured out how our location was compromised. Michael must have traced his calls to Chisom. I’m pretty sure that he also had the last call traced to this location. His men may already be on their way here. I may be wrong but I don’t think we should take any unnecessary risks’, the Author said.
Lilian swore loudly as she started throwing a few items into her backpack. ‘I thought you said that he was a deputy commissioner of police. Doesn’t he know that he should use a secure phone to make calls if he doesn’t want his location to be compromised?’ she asked. ‘I assumed that he knew better than to use a traceable phone but I fear I may have assumed wrongly’, the Author said. ‘He has to be the dullest policeman in Nigeria. How on earth did he make it through Police academy and other promotion exams? Could it be that he had powerful godfathers that transmitted him all the way to Deputy commissioner of police?’ Lilian asked.
‘Woman, stop asking me JAMB questions. We don’t have time to waste. Let’s head out. Try not to speak to Chisom about this. I may be wrong. Besides, it’s also possible that Chisom is actually revealing our location on purpose. He may be in league with Michael. If this is the case, I would prefer to keep him in the dark about my discovery’, the Author said and they both left the room.

‘We’re leaving now’, the Author said. ‘Why? Where are we going?’ Chisom asked as he got up from the couch. ‘You’ll know soon enough’, Lilian said. Chisom was still confused but he followed them out of the house and they all entered Lilian’s car and zoomed off.
The Author drove in circles whilst looking at the rearview mirror for a tail. When he was certain that they were not being followed, he then drove to Terminus hotel where they paid for a large suite.
‘I don’t expect us to spend more than a night here. I have an errand to run. I don’t want any of you to leave this suite. Hope I can trust you guys to remain here till I come back’, the Author said. ‘We’ll be here’, Lilian and Chisom answered.
The Author then left the hotel and drove back to Lilian’s house. He wanted to confirm his hunch. He parked the car in front of the house and then went across the street. He found a discreet position from where he observed the house for any suspicious activity. After waiting till it was nightfall, he became thirsty. He then remembered that he had kept some cans of beer in Lilian’s freezer. ‘Let me just dash to the house and take two cans of chilled beer to quench my thirst’, he thought and jogged to the house.
As he opened the freezer, he heard the sound of approaching cars. He looked through the window and saw that two black vans had parked in front of the house.
The Author swore under his breath. ‘How could I have been so stupid?’ he thought. In his bid to quench his thirst, he had succeeded in trapping himself in the house and making the job easier for his assailants. He had played himself.



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