The Author (Episode 36)

Chisom had braced himself to hear a deafening gunshot as he pulled the trigger but he was surprised to hear only a click. The gun was not loaded.
‘You really are as foolish as I thought you were, ab initio. You actually thought that I would just stand here and watch you fire at me’, Lilian said. She had not expected Chisom to pull the trigger.
Chisom, seeing that he had been fooled, dropped the gun and decided to attack her. He tried to punch her with his right hand but Lilian, quick as a flash, ducked just in time.
‘That wasn’t a smart thing to do. You’ve just succeeded in pissing me off’, Lilian said in a voice laced with anger.
Chisom didn’t care. He was determined to knock her out. He tried to hit her with a quick left and this time, he connected with her cheek. Lilian winced. She immediately decided to return the favor. Before Chisom could react, she delivered a quick right that connected with his left eye. This disoriented Chisom for a few seconds and before he could recover, Lilian hit his right eye, effectively blinding him.
Chisom blindly lunged at her. He was flailing his arms wildly, hoping to hit her, but she had cleverly stepped out of the way. She then, delivered two more heavy punches to his nose. This seemed to knock the wind out of him, as he fell to his knees. Blood was dripping from his nose.
‘This should teach you never to raise your hand on a woman, especially if you don’t know her background’, Lilian said as she circled him. Chisom had been completely taken by surprise. He had not expected Lilian to deliver such heavy punches. He was starting to say something when Lilian delivered a powerful kick that connected with his face and effectively knocked him out.

‘I have a hunch that Dr. Lilian has a hand in all of this. I think we should pay her another visit’, Tom said. ‘What prompted this assumption; a great desire to be sued?’ Jerry asked. The two detectives were seated in Tom’s office. They were both dressed in their Police uniforms and were studying the report on the bomb explosion that occurred at Oceanview hotel.
‘No. It’s just that everything that has happened, seems to revolve around her. She visited the hospital and Professor Stan died. The cyber cafe where we traced the Author’s mail to, is not too far from her apartment. Now, that mercenary claims that the Author was rescued by a woman. Besides, she seemed to be unusually strong for a civilian woman’, Tom answered. ‘I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to comfort yourself with a valid reason, as to why she nearly bested us, the other day. Trust me bro, some women are actually that strong. I’d suggest that we wait until we get concrete proof before we approach Lilian. She’s already threatened to sue us once. Let’s not push our luck’, Jerry said.

Audu and his men searched  the house but they found no one. Those outside also confirmed that there was no one around. The Author maintained his position and was watching from a small hole he had punctured in one of the ceiling boards.
‘Hold your positions and await further instructions’, Audu said into the radio. He was standing in the kitchen, fully dressed in combat gear. His eyes went to the fridge and he saw that two cans of beer were on the fridge. He touched the cans and discovered that they were still cold. ‘Gentlemen, stay sharp. Someone was definitely here some minutes before we got here. The person may even still be here’, he said into the radio. He began to look into the cupboards. The Author silently prayed that Audu wouldn’t remember to look upwards.
Audu’s eyes darted around the room and started traveling upwards when there was a sudden power outage. Audu panicked. He feared that they had been ambushed. ‘Team A, what’s happening outside? Who cut out the power?’ he asked. ‘No one Sir. It’s EEDC’s handiwork’, one of the men outside responded. Audu heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Everyone move back to the vehicles. I don’t want us wallowing in the dark; to avoid friendly fire’, he said and the men moved to the vehicles.

Audu called Michael from the car. ‘Sir, there’s no one in the house. Do we wait for them to return?’ he asked. ‘No need for that. If we don’t get them now, we’ll get them later. You and your men should move out’, Michael answered and ended the call.
‘Gentlemen, let’s move out. We’re going back to the hotel’, Audu said into the radio and they zoomed off.

The Author still couldn’t believe his luck as he watched the men leave. EEDC had saved him at the nick of time. ‘Whoever thought that Nigeria’s intermittent power supply will save me, one day. Let me follow these men. They’ll probably lead me to Michael’, he thought. He jogged to his car and sped off after the men.


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