The Author (Episode 37)

The Author was pleasantly surprised to see that the two vehicles stopped in front of the Terminus hotel and the men alighted from the vehicles and entered the hotel. ‘Who would have guessed that we were lodging at the same hotel? I just need to corner one of them; preferably their leader, for my plan to work’, he thought. He hurriedly parked his car and followed the men at a double. He slowed down when he came close to them. He immediately spotted a man whom he guessed was their leader because of the way the others seemed to surround him. The others also seemed to respectfully move a little behind him.

The Author followed the men to their rooms and noted the room number of their leader. He then decided to check up on Lilian and Chisom.

The Author was surprised to see Chisom in a pretty bad shape. ‘What on earth happened to you?’ he asked.  Chisom was lying on a bed. His eyes were swollen. His face was also swollen at different points. Dried spots of blood were prevalent on his face. Lilian was seated at his bedside. She was cleaning the wounds on his face. ‘Why don’t you ask your crazy girlfriend over here. She’ll tell you exactly how she nearly killed me’, Chisom answered with a bit of difficulty as he pointed at Lilian. ‘That’s a lie. He attacked me first. I was just defending myself’, Lilian countered.
The Author’s eyes immediately fell on Chisom. ‘Now, why would you attack my girlfriend?’ the Author asked. ‘She wouldn’t get out of my way. I was trying to leave, for good. I know that you guys are planning to eliminate me in the nearest future’, Chisom replied. The Author smiled. ‘You really shouldn’t try to attack Lilian next time. She’s actually received more training than men in the Special Forces. Besides, even if you get lucky and eventually best her in a fight, you’ll have me to contend with. Trust me, you don’t want me coming after you’, he said.
‘How did your mission go?’ Lilian asked, changing the subject. ‘It went pretty well. I was lucky to not get caught though. My hunch was right. Michael was tracing the calls. That’s how he knew our location. Chisom did not betray us. It’s not his fault’, the Author answered. ‘It’s his fault. His stupidity betrayed us. Why on earth did you decide to continue using a traceable phone? Did you not learn anything at the Police academy?’ Lilian asked as she looked at Chisom with disgust.
Chisom was a bit embarrassed. He had committed a grave blunder. ‘This has nothing to do with my police training. Michael gave me that phone,  early this year. He said it was a secure line. He contacts me, only through the phone’, Chisom said in a defensive tone.
‘Well, we’ve solved that one but we need to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that we get to Michael when he meets with you. Lilian, be fast with the first aid; I have a job for you’, the Author said and left the room.

Audu whistled happily as he put on his green tracksuit. He was going for a run, to clear his head. He also decided to visit the hotel’s gym after his run. Exercise usually helped him to focus on the mission ahead. Michael had told him severally that tomorrow’s mission had to be executed perfectly. He intented to do just that.

The Author saw Audu leave his room. He immediately contacted Lilian. ‘Move in, now. He has gone for a run. I’ll try to buy you some time’, he said.

Lilian observed the ladies at the front desk before deciding her victim. Lilian had chosen her because her face had a permanent scowl and she didn’t seem to have a fun disposition. ‘She looks like she’s fun-starved. She’ll do just fine’, she thought.
‘Excuse me. Can you do me a huge favor?’ Lilian asked. ‘It depends on what you’re asking for?’ her victim replied. ‘I don’t want the others to hear us’, Lilian said. Her victim seemed to observe Lilian for a while. Her name tag bore the name, Onyi. ‘Alright let’s go outside’, she said. ‘Please cover for me; I’ll be back in five’, she told her colleagues and followed Lilian outside.
‘Please, I want to surprise my husband. Today is his birthday. I was wondering if you could help me slip into his room with his cake and drinks’, Lilian said. ‘That’s against hotel policy. I could get fired’, Onyi said. ‘Please help me. I’ll pay you well. I really want to do something romantic for him’, Lilian pleaded. ‘Alright, I’ll give you his key card. Make sure you return it when you’re done’, Onyi said. ‘Thank you very much’, Lilian said with a smile.

Audu had planned to just circle the street thrice, before moving to the gym but another man in a black track suit had joined him at the beginning of his run. The man seemed fit and it became a silent competition. After they had rounded the street, ten times, the man looked at his phone and stopped jogging. ‘I’m done, mate. I have to go’, the Author said. ‘Would you like to hit the gym?’ Audu asked. ‘No. I have a meeting’, the Author replied and walked away.

Audu was sleeping after the activities of the day when a hand tapped him. He awoke with a start and was surprised to see a man seated at his bedside.
‘You, how did you manage to get in here?’ he asked in confusion.
The Author smiled. ‘I’ll tell you how but first, we have an important matter to discuss’, he said.


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