The Author (Episode 39)

‘You did what?!’ Lilian screamed. She had an incredulous look on her face. ‘You need to keep your voice down so we’re not overheard. I did what i thought was best’, the Author said.
Lilian was finding it difficult to control herself. ‘What has corrupted your thinking? I know that I didn’t shoot you on the head. Did you hit your head somewhere?’ she asked. ‘I’m perfectly okay. Audu owes me for sparing his life. He’ll surely help us’, the Author replied.
‘So, our chances of survival is dependent on the morals of a mercenary. There has to be better ways of committing suicide than this’, Chisom said. He was looking at the Author as if he had taken leave of his senses.  The Author looked at both of them. ‘I trust my instincts on this one. To eliminate Michael, we need an inside man. Audu would deliver. I just need the both of you to go along with the plan. We’d definitely survive this’, he said.

‘Sir, we’re all set here. We’ll surely catch the Author this time’, Audu said. ‘Are you sure that he won’t realise that it’s a trap?’ Michael asked. The two men were seated in the living room of a small bungalow.
Audu was in his all-black combat gear while Michael was wearing a white T-shirt and black jeans.
‘By the time he realizes that it’s a trap, it would be too late. Besides, there’s a getaway car at the back. The car is bulletproof, so you don’t have to worry if things go south. Also, there are eight well trained men strategically positioned outside. I wanted a small number because I want the men to be able to easily spot a stranger among them. I suspect that the Author may try to infiltrate their ranks. This door can only be opened from inside here and I’ll see the face from the peephole before I open the door. No one can get to us here. If we need to leave, we’ll use the secret back door that’ll lead us to our getaway car. I think the plan is foolproof’, Audu answered.
‘That’s good. Chisom and the Author will be meeting their ancestors today’, Michael said.

‘Sir, a cab just stopped in front of the gate. Chisom is here’, one of his men said over the radio. ‘That’s good. Let him in. Has the cab driven off?’ Audu asked. ‘No Sir. Chisom was the one driving the cab. He must have stolen it’, the voice answered. ‘Alright. Just be vigilant. The Author is probably nearby’, Audu said.
Chisom was searched thoroughly and then escorted to the house by one of Audu’s men.

‘You wanted to know how I knew your location. I simply traced your calls’ Michael said. ‘Your actions nearly got me killed. The Author thought I had betrayed him’, Chisom said. ‘I apologise. It seems like you’re no longer in his good books. Tell us where to find him and where he’s most vulnerable. He’ll be eliminated for good’, Michael said. ‘I’m not telling you anything. I know that once I give you that information, you’ll have me killed’, Chisom said. ‘No we won’t. We just want the Author dead’, Michael said. ‘I’m not stupid, Sir. I know that you sent your men to kill the both of us at the hotel, that day’, Chisom said.
Michael smiled. ‘You’re a smart man; too smart for your own good. Tell me, when is the Author arriving or is he here already?’ he asked. ‘I don’t understand. I came here alone’, Chisom answered. ‘Audu, my friend here doesn’t want to tell the truth. Please help me get the truth out of him’, Michael said. Chisom smiled inwardly as Audu approached him. Audu was on his side. He didn’t need to worry.
Chisom was horrified to see Audu bring out his gun and aim it at him. Before he could say anything, Audu shot his left leg and he screamed.

‘My plan will work. My plan will work’, the Author kept saying to himself as he approached the fence. He was beginning to have doubts about the operation but he knew that it was too late to back down. He was wearing an all-black combat gear and a bulletproof vest. He was also armed with his Maxim 9. The Author climbed the fence and landed noiselessly on the other side. This part of the compound was dark. He hoped that it would conceal his movements according to plan. He looked at the house and saw two men standing at the front door. He was still contemplating on how to approach them when he heard a loud gunshot. Someone had fired at him from the left. Shouts of ‘he’s here! He’s here!’ rent the air.
The Author immediately made a run for it and leaped over the fence.  His vest had helped ensure that the shots fired at him did little or no damage. He ran to the cab parked by Chisom and sped off.

‘Don’t lose him. Take the cars and follow him. He dies today. Only Dante should remain at the door as our sentry. The rest of you should go. I want that lunatic killed’, Audu instructed over the radio.
‘Don’t worry, I’ll finish you off after the Author is killed. That’s if you don’t bleed out before then’, he said to Chisom, who was trying to put pressure on his gunshot wound and grimacing in pain.

‘I may have bitten off more than I can chew’, the Author thought as he glanced at his rearview mirror and saw the headlights of the cars in pursuit. ‘These men would eventually catch up with me. I’ll make it harder for them though’, he said out loud as he pressed down his accelerator.

Lilian had heard the racket from her position but she had stayed put as the Author had instructed. She was also wearing a bulletproof vest with her combat gear. She had heard the cars driving off and guessed that the men were pursuing the Author. She was beginning to understand the Author’s true intentions. ‘He gave Audu his plan to ensure that he’ll be seen. He took them out of position, so I could do the rest. Time for me to get to work then’, Lilian said to herself and set out to execute her task.


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