The Author (Episode 42)

The blaring sound of sirens rent the air as Kachi and his men were about to enter the park. They all halted in their tracks.
Kachi swore loudly. ‘The police are here. We have to go. Start moving to the vehicles’, he said. ‘What about the Author? He’s not dead yet. We should be able to locate him and shoot him in no time’, one of his men said. ‘No point in taking the risk. If we’re in the park when the police arrive, we’d be trapped within, which could mean more casualties on our end. Besides, he’s been badly wounded. He’s not going anywhere fast. We can simply follow the ambulance and finish him off at the hospital’, Kachi said. The men retreated to their vehicles just as three police vans sped past them and stopped in front of the park.
The policemen, all dressed in combat attire and bulletproof vests burst into the park, expecting resistance but found none. Tobi, their leader was a bit disappointed. Their attires and vehicles had been purchased with the monetary contributions of the drivers who used the park, who had charged them specially with securing the cars in the park. He was hoping to catch a car thief to prove to them that their money wasn’t being wasted. ‘This place looks untouched. Spread out and confirm that no car is missing and check for any other thing amiss’, he said to his men.
‘Sir, there’s a man here who’s barely alive. He’s been shot and he’s bleeding out’, one of his men said. Tobi walked to the scene, took a look at the Author and shook his head. ‘He’s dressed like he’s with the Special Forces. Call an ambulance. I have a feeling that he won’t make it to the hospital though. Does he have anything that we could use to identify him?’, Tobi asked. ‘No. There’s nothing on him except his weapons’, his man replied. ‘Well, he’s not our problem. He’ll become the responsibility of the medics once they get here. Just make sure that you don’t displace anything. Some detectives may be sent here in the morning’, he said.

The ambulance arrived at the scene after ten minutes and two paramedics, a woman and a man got out of the car. The Author was put on a stretcher and carried into the ambulance. One of the paramedics placed a call to the University of Nigeria Teaching hospital. ‘We’re bringing a patient to the ER. He has two bullet wounds and has lost a lot of blood. ETA is ten minutes’, he said.
‘We’ll take it from here, officer’, the woman said to Tobi. Tobi was so taken by the paramedic’s beauty that it took him a while to find his voice. He read the name on her uniform; Gift. ‘Thank you, Dr Gift. I have a question though; apart from getting shot, what else can I do to have you running to me’, Tobi asked, grinning mischievously.  ‘I don’t know. I only run to men that get shot. I’d suggest that you get shot in the head if you want me. I have to go now. I have a dying patient to attend to’, she said and entered the ambulance.
Tobi watched the ambulance speed off into the night. He made a mental note to look for her later. Getting rejected the first time wasn’t going to deter him. He was going to try again. ‘Let’s move out’, he said to his men.

Kachi and his men were in their vehicles when the ambulance sped past them. ‘Follow them at a discreet distance. We’ll finish off the Author at the hospital’, he said.

‘We’ve lost him. Don’t expect us anymore. We’d drop him off at the morgue instead’, Dr Gift said. She had called the hospital to inform them of the change in their plans. She took a look at the Author and couldn’t help but shed tears. She quickly wiped her face and decided to prepare the body for a visit to the morgue.

‘Why are they not stopping at the hospital? This people may be up to something. Make sure you don’t lose them’, Kachi said to his men. They followed the ambulance until it stopped at the morgue. They watched as the paramedics carried the body from the ambulance, in a body bag to the coroner’s lab. One of the paramedics seemed to be favoring a leg. They were met at the door by a man wearing scrubs.
‘He didn’t make it. I guessed as much. Our work here is done. Let’s move back to the house’, Kachi said and they sped off.

Amadi was initially irritated by the late night call from the paramedics. His mood improved considerably when he set eyes on Dr Gift. Her beauty was definitely worth the trouble. ‘You should have allowed me to come help carry the body. You must be a very strong woman’, he said to Dr Gift as they dropped the body bag in the freezer. ‘You’re so sweet. My partner did most of the heavy lifting’, Dr Gift replied. ‘What happened to our late night customer here?’ Amadi asked. ‘He was shot’, she replied. ‘This city is becoming more violent. Were you able to identify him?’ he asked. ‘No. He’s a John Doe’, she answered. ‘Well, he’ll be attended to, in the morning. Just sign here. You can leave your number with me, so I can let you know whatever I discover’, he said. ‘Just send your report to the Enugu State Police department. If you insist on sending anything to me, I can give you my husband’s phone number’, she said. ‘You’re smart. There will be no need for that. I’ll send the report to the police’, he said. He knew that had struck out .

Dr Gift and her partner sped off in the ambulance. They travelled for a while before stopping beside a black IVM Jeep. They opened the Jeep and saw two people who were lying down unconscious at the back seat.  ‘Just as we left them. Let’s put the bodies in the ambulance and leave here. I wish I could see the look on the coroner’s face when he opens the body bag in the morning’, Lilian said, smiling mischievously. ‘Me too. Even these medics would wake up wondering what hit them. I didn’t think that we would actually be able to pull this off’, Chisom said. ‘Let’s be fast. I’ve managed to stabilize the Author but he still requires further treatment. I need to get him home as soon as possible’, Lilian said.


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