The Author (Episode 46)

Dear Alfred,
As a very smart man, you must know that nothing stays hidden under the sun. Your agelong secret has come to light.
I’m coming to send you to your friend, Michael. Ensure that your will is in order, because I’ll be coming for you in no distant time. Be rest assured that your best men won’t be able to save you from me.
It’s a shame that you’re going to be leaving all your wealth behind. If money could buy life, I would have reconsidered my actions.
It’s only befitting that you pay with your life. RIP in advance.
Yours murderly,
The Author.

Alfred smiled after reading the email from the Author.
‘This guy definitely has a mental issue. It’s funny that of all the murders sanctioned by the Cabal of Alphas over the years, this is the only one that has been traced back to us. The Author is set on avenging the death of his brother. He has already taken out Michael and I’m the next in line. Well, he has come to the end of the road. I’m going to show him that I’m a smarter man than he is. He’s going to join his late senior brother soon’, he thought.
Alfred hated being threatened. The major reason why the four of them had formed the Cabal of Alphas in their university days, was to protect themselves from intimidation by cultists.
In their first year, the Eagles cult- the most powerful cult then, had tried to recruit them but they had refused to join them. Leadership of the Eagles cult had refused to take no for an answer. They knew that their parents were rich and would make a good addition to the cult. The cult members resorted to intimidating Alfred and his friends. They’d go to their apartment off campus and beat them up. They’d also confiscate their property, all in a bid to coerce them into joining the cult.
By the end of the first semester, Alfred and his friends decided that they had had enough of the bullying. They had brainstormed on the best way to deal with the Eagles cult. Michael had suggested that they join the Eagles cult. ‘If you can’t beat them, you join them’, he said. The others had rejected the idea. Asides from the fact that they didn’t like cultism, joining the Eagles cult still left them at the mercy of the cult’s leadership. Joining another cult also didn’t appeal to them because the Eagles cult was the most powerful of them all.
‘What if we go to the police?’ Alfred had asked. ‘You know very well that the other cult members would come for our heads, if we do that’, Alpha Three had replied.
‘If we can’t beat them, we can always arrange to have them beaten. The four of us can combine our resources and sponsor a less powerful cult. With the right weapons and connections, they’d be able to beat the Eagles cult’, Alpha Four had suggested. They all had liked the idea. It had cost them a great deal of money but in the end, the Lions cult, through their patronage became the most powerful cult in the University of Nigeria. What the Cabal of Alphas enjoyed most was the anonymity of their activities. The Lions cult always did their dirty work for them. No one knew of the existence of their group. Even the leader of the Lions cult usually dealt with only Michael. Their group had been a cautious group from the start. No one ever suspected them of any wrong doing because they were all first class students.
After their graduation, they had agreed to continue with the Cabal of Alphas. With time, they graduated from sponsoring small university cult groups to sponsoring politicians, top civil servants and assassins who helped them to take out business competition and key political figures.
The Cabal of Alphas was undoubtedly one of the most powerful groups in Nigeria.
‘The Author doesn’t really know the calibre of people he’s dealing with. If he does, he’d know that he’s on a suicide mission’, Alfred said out loud as he opened his drawer and brought his favorite white powder.

‘You sent him an email? He’s hard enough to kill already. You didn’t need to do that’, Lilian said in exasperation. ‘Are you sure that you’re okay? Did you hit your head when you fell?’ Chisom asked. ‘I’m okay. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you; sending emails before I attack is my modus operandi’, the Author answered. ‘That was okay when we were dealing with an artiste and some lowlife thugs. You don’t seem to realise that the stakes have changed’, Chisom said. ‘It seems like you didn’t read the file I gave you. Alfred Uba is not just anybody. He is the owner of Alf-contractors, the biggest construction company in Nigeria. Why do you think most contracts for federal roads and bridges goes to his company? He even has a large stake in Soul Pharmaceuticals; the only pharmaceutical company that wasn’t axed by the drug enforcement agencies for illegal sale of hard drugs. Alfred is not just rich, he’s well connected and powerful’, Lilian said. ‘I read the file and I discovered that Alfred has one weakness we can capitalise on. He’s a drug addict’, the Author said. ‘How are we supposed to capitalise on that?’ Chisom asked.  ‘We could always claim to have quality drugs for sale. That’d probably get us a meeting with him and we can end him from there’, the Author said. ‘That would just be committing suicide. Besides, Alfred has the best supply of cocaine. It comes from Soul Pharmaceuticals and it is brought to his office by the CEO himself. He trusts no one else to do the job.  Alfred’s office and home are usually heavily guarded and thanks to your email, his men would be much more alert. The only thing we can do is pray that your email gets him so agitated that he takes too much of the cocaine and dies of drug overdose’, Chisom said.
‘I may have an idea that could work if we’re lucky’, Lilian said.


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