The Author (Episode 36)

Chisom had braced himself to hear a deafening gunshot as he pulled the trigger but he was surprised to hear only a click. The gun was not loaded. 'You really are as foolish as I thought you were, ab initio. You actually thought that I would just stand here and watch you fire at me',... Continue Reading →


The Author (Episode 22)

The Amebo newspaper published the story of Kingsley's death with the headline: 'Barrister drinks himself to death'. The Moon newspaper had the headline: 'Alcohol sends owner of Kings Bar to his grave. The Aproko newspaper also had the headline: 'Hilltop Valley's biggest alcoholic dies'. The police report concerning Kingsley's death was very short. The policemen... Continue Reading →

The Author (Episode 20)

Dear Kingsley,         It is with great gusto and unspeakable euphoria that I write to you this day.         I want to use this medium to inform you that the Nigerian brewery, your supplier and the prostitutes at Hilltop Valley are about to lose their biggest market as I intend to end your miserable life.        ... Continue Reading →

The Author (Episode 15)

The Rivers State Emergency Response team arrived at the Galaxy Hotel after about ten minutes and they were followed by men of the Rivers State Police Command. The police were faced with the herculean task of controlling the panic stricken crowd. It took another ten minutes before the paramedics could get to Bayo because the... Continue Reading →

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