The Author (Episode 42)

The blaring sound of sirens rent the air as Kachi and his men were about to enter the park. They all halted in their tracks. Kachi swore loudly. 'The police are here. We have to go. Start moving to the vehicles', he said. 'What about the Author? He's not dead yet. We should be able... Continue Reading →


The Author (Episode 31)

Seyi did a quick assessment of the whole situation. He had recorded a lot of successes because of his ability to think on his feet. People were screaming and running in different directions. Only a few alcoholics remained seated because they were too drunk to realize the severity of the situation. Ironically, sitting was the... Continue Reading →

The Author (Episode 5)

A distraught Mrs Sharon, wearing a black mourning gown, had come to the Enugu State Police Command at New Haven and she was immediately ushered into the conservatively furnished office of Inspector Chigozie, the Enugu Assistant Inspector General of Police. Inspector Chigozie Okereke was arguably the most disciplined officer in the Nigerian police force. His... Continue Reading →

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