The Author (Episode 39)

'You did what?!' Lilian screamed. She had an incredulous look on her face. 'You need to keep your voice down so we're not overheard. I did what i thought was best', the Author said. Lilian was finding it difficult to control herself. 'What has corrupted your thinking? I know that I didn't shoot you on... Continue Reading →


The Author (Episode 34)

Michael knew exactly who to send, for this particular mission. Abdul had not disappointed him before. He had been one of the best sharpshooters when he was in the Special Forces. Abdul had helped Michael to eliminate some persons that seemed elusive to others. Abdul was more expensive but he always got the job done.... Continue Reading →

The Author (Episode 31)

Seyi did a quick assessment of the whole situation. He had recorded a lot of successes because of his ability to think on his feet. People were screaming and running in different directions. Only a few alcoholics remained seated because they were too drunk to realize the severity of the situation. Ironically, sitting was the... Continue Reading →

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